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Carer Respite

  • Respite is time out, a temporary break from a caring role.
  • If a person is caring for someone with a disability, frail aged or illness they are entitled to respite.
  • Carers & Disability Link is a Carer Support Organisation that is there to support you in all aspects of your caring role – one part of which may be respite
  • Respite can be accessed through Carers & Disability Link by phoning a Respite Worker.

The benefits of respite to a carer are:

  • Time to do something for themselves and do things that they just cannot do whilst in their caring role (i.e. attend appointments)
  • Time to recharge their batteries to feel more able to continue in their caring role
  • Time to meet with others and maintain relationships
  • Time to enjoy being free to do as they wish (hopefully)
  • Time for a break in their routine (and for the person they care for)

‘Benefits of respite can be for the whole family’

It is easy to always focus on the person you care for and neglect your own care or social opportunities – This is not healthy, either physically or emotionally. Also, there is only so much you can do from a physical point of view without tiring. Therefore, having another person come in fresh will provide opportunities for the Carer to rest and revive and for the person they care for to do different activities.

  • When it is important for them to do something, but cannot take the person they care for
  • When it is important to maintain other relationships
  • When they want to do something just for themselves – carers should never forget they have needs too!
  • When they feel they need a break or may be getting resentful about restraints on their life
  • It can be someone coming into the home whilst a carer has a rest or goes out
  • It can be someone taking the person they care for out to participate in a community activity, or just out for a drive to a particular location
  • It can be the care recipient participating in a more formal group activity whilst the carer has a break.
  • And much more…

There may be a small charge for respite, you can discuss this with a Staff Member at Carers and Disability Link, prior to arranging the respite. When a person is going on an outing or to a day activity, there will be a small fee for the activity and meals (if required).

When all information regarding the respite is gathered over the phone or in a visit to the carer’s home, the Direct Care Service staff member will call on a Staff member or Independent Contractor to provide the respite. They will ensure the Staff or Contractor’s skills and personality matches the Carer and care recipient’s needs. The Direct Care Service Staff member will arrange adequate funds to pay for the respite.

The Direct Care Services Staff member will always seek the Carers permission to contact Independent Contractors and also to contact other agencies who have the money to pay for the respite provided.

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Arranging Respite

When you need a break, respite can easily be arranged.

Click here to find out what steps you need to take to receive help.