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Value and Action Statements



  • Are responsive to individual differences, cultural diversity and preferences.
  • Promote, assist, empower and enhance the needs of Carers and those they care for.
  • Preserve the rights of Carers and Clients and work in partnership with them to exercise choice and control.
  • Strengthen access options to external services.
  • Raise the profile of Carers and Clients roles and their contributions within our communities.
  • Encourage Carers to identify themselves as Carers, to understand their needs, and to have these needs recognised.
  • Identify service gaps and advocate for additional services to meet the perceived need.
  • Advocate for services to improve access and equity.
  • Support people with disabilities to pursue their goals and maximise their independence.
  • Communicate and promote accessible and relevant information.
  • Take seriously our environmental responsibilities with a commitment to the long term aims of sustainable protection of the environment.